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Cheddar Apple Pie

Warm, cinnamon-infused apple pie encased in a flaky cheddar-studded apple pie. This cheddar apple pie may seem like an interesting combination, but it is completely irresistible. 

When it comes to dessert, I would say that after chocolate chip cookies, pies are my absolute favorite. I am a huge fan of a buttery, flaky pie crust. Plus the addition of fruit makes me feel a little less guilty about indulging. I find it nearly impossible to turn down a freshly baked pie topped with apple pie. 
When I was younger, I discovered that some people like to have apple pie with cheddar. Sweet apple pie… with cheddar cheese. I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around the concept for a very long time. 
But, after a lot of thought and consideration, it really isn’t that hard to see how it could be good. I mean, I often have apples and cheese on the same cracker when I have a cheeseboard. That’s basically an unbaked cheddar apple pie, when you think about it. 
There’s a balance between the creaminess and saltiness of the cheese, the butteriness of the pie crust, and the sweetness of the apples that just brings harmony to the dessert. 
Some people like to put their cheese on top of the finished pie, or even put it inside the filling with the apples. I prefer to put it into the pie crust. 
What Kind of Apples do You Use"
You can use either all tart apples or a mix of sweet and tart. Typically, I recommend using all tart apples to...
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