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14 Low Sugar Snacks That Actually Kind Of Taste Like Dessert

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Sugar is weird, right"
You want it, and you love it, but you don’t want it, and you maybe kind of avoid it, even though you like it, because too much makes you feel terrible. #complicated
I have found it so interesting to experiment with removing and reintroducing sugar into my life over these last few years. In January, I brought you guys along with me for Sugar Free January with a whole month of refined sugar free recipes. It was actually super delicious because I think we were all reminded that, shocker of all shockers, you can actually still eat really good food without sugar in your life! YES PLEASE! THIS IS AMAZING!
A lot of ice cream has happened in between January and now, so I guess we could say that this post is a gentle mid-year reminder to myself of everything that I felt so excited about after Sugar Free January. Since Sugar Free January ended, I have definitely reintroduced sugar into my life. I eat oatmeal sweetened with brown sugar for breakfast almost every day, ice cream of all varieties is my summer anthem, and I have a popsicle or a glass of lemonade most nights after dinner. I’m not totally overdoing it, but I do think being pregnant is making me more susceptible than ever to REALLY LOVING sugar.
Every once in a while I have to really stop and think: is this what I want to be eating" Is there nutrition here" Is this making me feel better or worse" And that’s kind of what...
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