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Apple Crumble Cookies Recipe

As I was going over my recipe archives last month in order to plan this year?s recipes, I noticed that there was a sad lack of cookie recipes. Nothing could be more tragic, because I love cookies. In all honesty, my adoration for the circular treat is probably strong enough for me to admit that cookies are my favourite baked good. The dessert spot" That?s reserved for tiramisu. But cookies are definitely my go-to. I love them more than cake, more than brownies, more than blondies, and more than? well, you get the picture.
If there?s one thing I cannot give up on a diet, it?s a good cookie. They?re my red light food, as my mom likes to call it. (Hers is nachos, in case you were wondering.) So when I decide that I?m going to focus on losing weight or getting in better shape, I always make sure I have a few healthy cookies on hand. Last year I shared my recipe for healthy double chocolate cookies ? they?re delicious, vegan, and the recipe only yields two cookies so you can?t overindulge! Today I?m sharing the recipe for these sweet and cinnamony apple crumble cookies. When I say that these cookies taste exactly like apple crumble, I am not exaggerating. They?re soft, chewy, and packed with apple and oats. I?ve basically created portable apple crisp. You?re welcome.
Now, you may think that 130 calories is a little too much for one cookie. But considering a standard chocolate chip cookie clocks in at about 370 calories, I?m okay with trading 130 for handheld apple crumble (...
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