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Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hot chocolate is one of THE best drinks in the world without coffee. Rich, chocolaty yet refreshing is my idea of the perfect chocolate. No cream and no marshmallows in my hot chocolates, I like mine the French way!
This cake is inspired by a traditional cafe hot chocolate; milky hot chocolate, sweet marshmallows, and fluffy cream. However, I have made this cake gourmet with some simple twists and ideas.
What sets this cake apart from your average “chocolate chaud” is, well, basically everything! When the cakes are baking, you scatter marshmallows on top and return the cakes back into the oven. After 5 minutes, the mallows puff up and get a slightly toasted and golden appearance, adding flavor and texture.
The cream adorning the cake is an easy Chantilly cream. Chantilly cream is just whipped cream with the addition of icing sugar and the seeds of half a vanilla pod. This lifts plain regular whipped cream into something restaurant worthy. The speckles of vanilla make the cake look even prettier. Look how moist this cake is"
See that" This cake is so good!

Instead of using a butter cake with the addition of cocoa powder and a cupcake batter with the addition of melted chocolate, I made a devil’s food cake with cocoa powder and boiling water.
Wait, boiling water"
Yep, the boiling water does three great things to the cake. First of all, it tenderizes the cake by heating the flour to break the gluten down slightly. Next, it lets the cocoa powde...
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