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Chocolate Orange Fudge Recipe

It?s been a busy few weeks for me again, my day job eats into my blogging time no end at this time of year, and as much as I would love to be blogging all day it doesn?t pay my bills so it has had to sit and wait for me to have a pocket of time where I can give it the attention I want to. That said I have been helping to redesign the food blog to make it cleaner. I hope you like it so far (it?s not quite finished yet).
Let?s talk fudge

I don?t mind telling you I haven?t got much of a sweet tooth, I?m more of a dinner kind of person, anything savory or meaty will always trump over something like this, but I didn?t make this for me I made it for you fine folks, and anyway the better half shouldn?t have a problem helping get ?rid? of them. I have made fudge before for people using the condensed milk method, and it works very well, however for this chocolate orange fudge recipe, I wanted to do it properly using butter, soft brown sugar, milk and of course the flavorings. It?s a much more rewarding experience when you do something properly.
I should also point out at this stage that this is not for the calorie worrier?s, there is enough sugar in this fudge to send you into a coma? orangey chocolate induced coma, so you have been warned, I don?t want the health police knocking on my door because they will just get face full of ?I don?t care?. Now you could be all greedy and snaffle these for yourself, but as illustrated by my fine photography skills you can see they make an ...
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