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Creme Egg Cheesecake Recipe

I remember the glory days of Cadbury, when freddos were 10p, a curly wurly was so massive you could rescue Rapunzel with it and of course, creme eggs were a 3rd larger than they are now. I was quite sad when Kraft took them over, as to me Cadbury were the last bastions of great British confectionery companies.
Sadly though it happened in 2009, the once great British chocolate empire succumbed to the sugary coated grasp of Kraft, the company that provided me with plastic cheese for my burgers had taken over Cadbury, a sad day indeed.
That being said, I still like a little bit of the stuff every now and again. Despite them sneakily reducing sizes yet keeping the price the same ? creme eggs come in 6 packs last year, now they come in 5?s, the gits! ? I still like an occasional morsel of their chocolate.As many of you know I am not a huge dessert fan, I don?t have much of a sweet tooth and I rarely indulge in anything sweeter than sugar in my tea. That being said I do ? on occasion ? like a bit of cheesecake. I created a rudimentary version of this for my lady?s birthday last week at the request of one of her colleagues. It went down so well I thought I would make it a permanent feature on the blog. I have seen a number of recipes for creme egg cheesecake but many of which seem far too sweet to me, so I created something with a bit of freshness to help balance out the sickness from the creme eggs.

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