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Crepes Dentelles with Sautéed Peaches and Caramel

This recipe for Crepes Dentelles with Sautéed Peaches and Caramel leaves me speechless.  It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a dessert that makes my heart swoon.  It is silky, buttery and ever so dreamy.  It has quickly become my go-to dessert for the summer.

Deborah Balint hosts a monthly cookbook club on Instagram which I have never had the time to participate in until this month when she challenged her readers to make  Crepes Dentelles with Apples from one of the most beautiful cookbooks I have purchased this year, How To Eat a Peach by Diana Henry.  This cookbook is quickly becoming one of my favorites go-to cookbooks for so many reasons.  For one, it is simply gorgeous from the photography to the seasonal recipes.  I am all about cooking seasonally so it is perfect for my kitchen.  I love a book that is printed on beautiful paper with simple type, this one does not disappoint, and the cover is soft like a peach.  One of my favorite things in a cookbook is a ribbon as a bookmarker.  I could go on and on but lets’ talk about my new favorite summer dessert recipe. I love crepes and they seem to be the one thing that I do not make often enough.  In fact, when I brought out our crepe pan I realized that I had not used it since two houses before the one we live in now.  It felt great to butter up that sweet crepe pan and start swirling away, crepe after crepe.  I was eager to make this recipe, and could not wait for the book to arrive, which luckily arrived t...
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