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Easy 3-Ingredient Green Juice

This green juice is amazing. It’s just 3-ingredients so it’s really simple to make (okay the clean up is another story, but that’s juicing for you!), and it tastes divine!
You can use as much or as little spinach as you want, though the more the better! But if you’re new to drinking green juices you might want to start with following the recipe exactly and then when your tastebuds are like: ‘gimme more green stuff’ then you can progress to adding more and more of that good green stuff!
Don’t get me wrong we used a fair bit of green goodness in this juice (a whole bag of baby spinach) but it’s still very mild and you know how it is when you’re juicing produce, you use about 10 tons of produce and it creates a tiny glass of juice!
So you might want to add more spinach down the line if you prefer a juice that’s even greener!
This one is just delicious. I don’t think there’s anyone that will take a sip of this and not be pleased.
The look is like: ‘hey why would I go eating your lawn clippings’ but then you taste it and it’s a whole different story!

I think you are really going to love this simple green juice! It is:

Perfectly sweet

Drink it straight away for the best freshest taste! And…..then you have to clean the juicer, but it’s worth it for this delicious juice!

What do you think of this easy green juice recipe"...
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