Fluffy, Eggy, Creamy Potato Salad - Recipes

Fluffy, Eggy, Creamy Potato Salad

Warning: this potato salad is addictive. It is really, really hard to stop eating. This is a Southern-style potato salad where Russet potatoes are boiled in their jackets, peeled while still warm and mixed with eggs, mayo, yellow mustard and sweet pickles creating a super fluffy, egg-a-licious, creamy, sweet and puckery side dish. I scarfed a ton before it even hit the table ? I just couldn’t put. the. fork. down…

You can add celery, horseradish, white onion, celery seed or even black olives to it. But I just like it plain and simple. I think it’s good without any crunch. And it’s important to use a starchy baker potato like the ‘Russet’ that doesn’t hold it’s shape well when boiled or you won’t get that fluffy bite.
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