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Granola Crusted Lemon Pie

The trusty Lemon Pie with granola!
What makes a great granola for you" For me, there has to be a ton of crunch and a little sweetness. I particularly enjoy granola that contains clusters. I?ve talked about my love for the granola cluster before so I won?t delve too far into that today. I also think it?s important that any granola you eat is made from natural, wholesome ingredients. There?s already so much processed sugar and additives in our lives that we don?t need it in something that?s a) supposed to be good for you and b) doesn?t need any of that stuff to be delicious. Just ask my maple almond granola.
I was thrilled when the good people over at Nature?s Path sent me a box full of their sensational granola products. In fact, I was so excited that I proceeded to open every package and sample them immediately. Nature?s Path is one of my favorite companies for a few reasons. First of all, they?re based in Vancouver, which is pretty local to me, and they?re family-owned and operated. They also only use sustainable, natural, organic ingredients in their products, which I am alllllll about. You can pronounce every single ingredient on their boxes, which makes them total superheroes. Not to mention they have the granola cluster down to fine art. Obviously, I?m in love. So when they asked me if I would like to host a giveaway for you guys on my blog, I leaped at the chance! I want you all to experience the magic of Nature?s Path granola and love it as much as I do. More in...
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