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Ham hock Pea salad with chard, apple and baby spinach Recipe

Now that is a mouthful –  Ham hock Pea salad with chard, apple, and baby spinach.
Since I moved into my new flat I have had nothing but strife, I?ve had post stolen and I have to put up with the noisy hip-hop addicted student that lives above me. I like to think I?m a tolerant person, I want to live in peace and as long as my sleep isn?t disturbed I?m not bothered what other people get up to, the exception to this is of course when said student decides to burn fish fingers late at night setting off the fire alarms for the whole building!
I could say it stopped there but it didn?t. Her boiler exploded last Friday pumping gallons of water straight into my bedroom, a situation ? whilst not directly her fault, could have been made far less bad if she or her boyfriend had the tenacity and knowledge of how to turn off their water supply. But silly me for thinking that. I won?t bore you any longer with my griping so back to the recipe. I love ham hock, it?s inexpensive and full of flavor, it takes a bit of work to get the meat off the bone but at only around £1.60 each it?s worth the effort. I created this salad because I wanted something bright, healthy and luscious but also doesn?t cost the earth. The slight aniseed flavor of the fennel seeds enhance the flavor of the ham, and paired with apple and a cider vinegar dressing this salad is a bright sunny plate of food. I know ham hocks look like a prop from a horror film, but please go out and get some. they are delicious!
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