Healthy Instant Pot Ranch Pork Tenderloin {21 Day Fix | Slow Cooker} - Recipes

Healthy Instant Pot Ranch Pork Tenderloin {21 Day Fix | Slow Cooker}

This healthy Instant Pot Ranch Pork Tenderloin is family friendly and absolutely no fuss! A quick and easy 21 Day Fix approved dish to make on a busy day! Slow Cooker directions, too!

Hey readers! This Ranch Pork Tenderloin recipe was originally posted only with Slow Cooker directions on  2/21/16 and I’ve just updated it with quick and easy Instant Pot directions! Enjoy!
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Well, hello “set it and forget it” slow-cooker gem! This is the perfect recipe to have on deck for the fam on one of those millions-of-things-to-do-no-time-to-cook days. I have to confess that I don’t use my slow-cooker as much as I’d like. The truth is, I’ve had more than a few less-than-stellar meals out of one. You let the darn thing cook all day expecting tender, flavorful, meaty goodness… but sometimes, you’re still left with less-than-flavorful shoe leather. And then what" Because by then, it’s dinner time and you need to figure out a back-up plan, stat! Honestly, I don’t have time to figure out a back-up plan. I really just don’t. That’s why this recipe makes me so happy. Because every single time that I’ve made it, the pork has been SO tender, juicy and just plain delicious plus putting it together is a freaking breeze.

After the few minutes that it takes to trim the tenderloin, this main dish takes, oh, about 60 seconds t...
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