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Honey Nut Oats Bars Recipe

It’s October! Autumn is here; orange leaves are scattered all over the ground. There is a chill in the air and frost on the grass and my ankle boots are now nearly attached to my feet!
As the leaves turn golden and orange,

As the nights turn darker and colder,

And as your fingers and toes become numb,

You know that Autumn has arrived.
Apples, pumpkins,

Squash and pears all come into season,

As Guy Fawkes performs his treason.

Bonfire crackling,

As the Halloween witches are cackling,
Autumn has arrived
These bars have it all; packed with oats, organic honey, and nuts. Oats are a natural super-food, being high in fiber and protein while having a low glycemic index and sugar count.

Honey contains flavonoids which can prevent certain cancers and heart diseases while being a natural sweetener.
Nuts are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids and nuts can also stabilize blood sugars and are high in vitamin E which is crucial for cell development.
Everything about these bars is healthy! Well, except for the sweetened condensed milk and butter.
These bars are “nourishing” – I love that word, it just sounds so “good for you”!
These honey oat bars are a cross between a flapjack and a granola bar. Flapjacks usually contain oats and a lot of butter and golden syrup. This, once baked, produces a very hard slab of sweet oats which are quite greasy.

Bought granola bars are a little bit like a shortbread but with the addition of oats, making a ha...
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