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How to make Paleo Gravy

I hope you’ll find all my tips for How to make Paleo Gravy helpful in your next Thanksgiving, or anytime you’re making gravy!

How do you go about making gluten free gravy" I mean a good part of a great gravy is the flour right" Well… maybe not so much because it’s completely possible to make great gravy without flour.

While I suppose you could try and use gluten free flour blends. My personal experience with even the most popular ones are that they give a weird/strange aftertaste to your gravy.

So today I’m letting you know how you can make paleo gravy with tapioca flour. Or how you can make slightly better gravy with cornstarch. There’s no doubt cornstarch has a better texture. But for anyone who strictly can’t have corn ever, tapioca works really well too.
How to make the best gravy:

No matter how you choose to thicken your gravy, the #1 thing you need to consider is flavor of your stock and drippings.First up stock: if you have homemade chicken stock in the freezer, go ahead and use that! Otherwise check your local health food store for a good frozen turkey bone broth. I’m a fan of frozen over boxed bone broth because I think the flavor is just that much better. Drippings: this is what’s left in the bottom of your roaster, and they’re essential to good gravy. Most people prefer to strain the drippings as you add them to a pan to make gravy. But it’s not necessary if you...
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