This post was created in partnership with the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming and the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition which supports over 120 individual farms in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Whether you’re new to the idea or are a long-term participant, now is the time to choose your 2022 Hudson Valley CSA and sign up!

Introduction to CSAs

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSAs, are a way to connect you to your local farms. You buy into the plan for a season, and collect a regular share of produce — most often vegetables, but sometimes also dairy produce, meat, and even flowers, depending on the farm.

Community supported agriculture is the best way to help your local farms. By joining a CSA, you’re buying directly from the farm, helping to guarantee a market, and income, for their produce for the season. You’re also helping spread the risk of unknown harvest quantities.
Most CSA shares run through the summer months, when harvest is at its peak. You may also find winter shares, where late-planted hardy crops like hard squash and hardy greens are favored. Spring shares will contain some storage veggies, some that are over-wintered in the ground, and a selection of cool-weather, early-year greens such as peas or baby kale.

Photograph by Kate Anstreicher

If you’re thinking of joining a CSA for the 2022 season, now is the time to sign up! We’re going to give you a few resources for finding the best lo...
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