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Hummingbird Cake Recipe

Okay, I was a bit skeptical about this “hummingbird” cake, having pineapple and banana together in a cake. I am so glad I have made this though, it is like a cake you would find in a cute little coffee shop with artisan coffee and fairtrade tea!
You can probably see that I love coffee shops or cafes, especially in different countries around the world.
A lot has been happening in the past week, where do I begin" Well, the most exciting thing that happened was when I visited the BBC Good Food Show and saw Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. If you don’t know who these people are, they are the judges from the TV programme “The Great British Bake Off” and Mary is dubbed as the Queen of Cakes and Paul is known as the King of Bread. This was a great day out; lots of food testers, snacks, and continuous munching!
This cake, once baked and devoured, was really delicious, I was very pleasantly surprised! The flavor of the banana is not too strong but strong enough to give a lovely banana-y flavor. The pineapple adds one of those “can’t pin it down but I love it”flavors as well as an underlying sweetness.
Hummingbird cake originated from the southern states of American or the Caribbean. The name “hummingbird” tells us that the cake is known for its sweet and fruity qualities, as hummingbirds only drink nectar from plants, a very sweet liquid. The cake has become very popular in the southern states, such as Texas and Georgia....
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