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Kale and Ground Beef Stir-Fry

Simple food is the best food.
Not just because it?s easier to cook, but only using a handful of ingredients really lets them shine. I love this recipe because it does just that, mostly highlighting the pastured beef. We have been switching over to all local, pastured, no-hormone meats, and while it?s more expensive the improvement in taste is quite noticeable. Not to mention, it?s summer and there is so much produce in season right now. I love a meal that combines quality ingredients with easy preparation.
On the day?s I work it?s quite clear that Monster misses his mommy time, as he won?t let go of me. This makes it a bit hard to cook a meal. The easy solution would be to have Chuck do it, and sometimes that is the solution. But on the days he works late, that?s just not an option and I?m stuck figuring out how to cook a wholesome from scratch dinner on my own with a clingy toddler.
I?ve figured out that the best way to do this is to have him help as much as possible. He gets up in his kitchen helper stool and plays with some spoons while I chop vegetables. He also tries to eat everything I?m chopping. In this particular case he learned that raw onions are not his favorite. Then I play with him while everything else cooks. I just get up to give it a stir once in a while, and voila! Dinner!
This meal is one of my favorite way?s to use kale, mostly because Chuck is not a fan and he will actually eat this. Cooking down kale and combining it with something like ground beef ...
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