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Keto Chocolate Muffins {gluten-free, paleo}

These Keto Chocolate Muffins are a simple, low carb, sweet treat that are so easy to make and loaded with rich chocolatey flavor. This low carb chocolate muffin recipe comes with alternative sweetener options as well, so if you aren't doing the super low carb thing or if you just want to make these Keto Chocolate Muffins ASAP with pantry staples you already have on hand you can get on in right away.

These Keto Chocolate Muffins are little bit different of a recipe for me. I am not big on baking or sweets and I am also not generally one for using alternative sweeteners, not that there is anything wrong with some of them, necessarily, but it's just not my scene. Most of the time, if and when I am going to have a little something sweet, I will use a very small amount of maple syrup or honey or a little coconut sugar. We're talking a small amount, because it's totally fine and I will be fine and honey and a little sugar won't kill me. When I developed this particular Keto Chocolate Muffins recipe, however, I wanted to make a low carb muffin recipe that would be versatile for my different readers and their different needs. I know for many folks eating keto or a low carb diet, they find themselves there due to diabetes or a metabolic condition of some sort where tracking their blood sugar becomes of high importance, so they do have to be more mindful and aware then those of us just choosing this lifestyle to feel good. Having several people in my life, close to me, that are dia...
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