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I am the first to dust off my passport when the word vacation pops up.  This summer over a glass of rose while talking about summer plans, we realized we do not take advantage of what is available to us in our own backyard.  At that moment, we decided it was time to explore a wine region we knew of;  but knew very little about, the Anderson Valley.  We decided it would be more fun to make our staycation a real vacation and become reacquainted with the Mendocino Coast.  Time away that involved staying at hotels and planning things to do which we normally would not do if we stayed local.  We never take advantage of our area and after this excursion realized we need to do this more often.


The Anderson Valley is approximately 100 miles from Oakland and is nestled in Mendocino County.  The summer days are hot and the evenings are cool which makes for amazing grape growing conditions.  There are rolling hills and steep mountains as well as dense redwood forests and cows everywhere.  Misty fog hugs the curves of the road and dew kisses the vines as you rumble by sleepy little towns.  I have been wanting to discover the likes of Boonville as well as Philo, and was like a kid in the candy store with every turn, my mind was exploding as I wanted to shoot all of the farms and vineyards;  unfortunately, those big beautiful blue skies did not make for good photography afternoons.  We did the next best thing and went wine tasting. The wine industry began in the 1980̵...
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