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My Eclectic Boho Living Room

My favorite thing that I’ve done in the house isn’t the eclectic boho living room, or the kitchen, or the foyer (which made a HUGE difference), but the walk-in closet under the stairs , which I affectionately call “the Harry Potter closet”. Sadly, I didn’t take a before photo of it, so it probably wouldn’t be that much fun to show you. I’ll paint you a picture though: imagine the floor covered with the shoes of 5 people, so that you can’t see the floor. Imagine the shelves in the back of the walk-in closet full of random items like power tools, 3-ring binders, and I don’t even know what. It was just a cluttered mess.
When the homeschool year started I decided to clean out the Harry Potter closet and get it organized. Surprisingly, it only took a couple of hours, and I feel like I’ve been a whole new (happier) person ever since. All of our books are neatly organized into categories on those shelves in the back of the walk-in closet, and only 1 pair of shoes per person is now contained in a rubbermaid by the closet door. I’m telling you, it’s made my life so much happier and easier!
But I do love how this eclectic boho living room (above) is coming along. When we moved here a year ago the first thing I found for this space were these chairs from an antique store. Someday I want to take the skirts off the bottom to show their legs. With the chairs being such strong color I decided that I wanted to bring...
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