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Orange Chocolate Date Bites

And so ends the first week back in real life. Did you make it" – To celebrate you need to try this recipe – Orange Chocolate Date Bites!
I tell ya, that first week back after a solid fortnight of indulging is rough. It?s been a crazy few days! Between trying to get caught up on posts, keeping healthy meals on the table, fighting with the weather gods who tried to ruin my photography, and dealing with some entertaining characters at my part-time job, I am about ready to kick up my feet and succumb to Netflix.
I?ve been doing pretty well on my pledge to eat healthy this month. This salad, this green juice, and these muffins have all been made and consumed with great enthusiasm. But I can?t say that I haven?t been craving chocolate. I?m always craving chocolate. It?s a problem. For Christmas, I was gifted a Terry?s Chocolate Orange. You know the mandarins that are typically placed at the bottom of your stocking" My family subs those with Terry?s oranges. Why" Because they are SO TASTY. We all love them!
Obviously, that chocolate orange is long gone, but I found myself craving the combination the other day. I couldn?t go out and buy another one, because that would defeat the purpose of kicking my butt back into health mode. So what?s a chocolate-loving, health-conscious girl to do"
Make chocolate orange date bites, of course!
These bites are awesome. They?re basically a cross between a ball of raw cookie dough and a Terry?s Chocolate Orange ? but...
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