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Plum Galette with Almond Frangipane Filling

This easy rustic plum galette has a layer of almond frangipane elevating the already sophisticated looking dessert to a new level! (Jump directly to the recipe.)

Summer is nearly over and I?m holding on to it and our summer road trip memories. From driving through Colorado and walking through the Garden of the Gods, to chasing waterfalls at Shenandoah National Park to tracking down lighthouses in Maine?s Acadia National Park, it?s been a transformative summer for me. On top of it all the gorgeous things that I saw and did, I took a long break from social media (other than sharing via Instagram Stories, which I have continued to do, mostly for myself) and I haven?t really looked back. And with the last gasp of summer produce, I made this plum and pluot galette with frangipane filling for a summer pie class that I taught when I got back home to San Francisco. It?s based on my honey-mead poached pear galette in my cookbook Marbled, Swirled, and Layered but is a little easier because you don?t to poach the fruit ahead of time.
I?m slowly getting back into the routine of things at home. In fact, even though I hadn?t really adjusted to life not on the road (why do I have so much stuff" I lived 7 weeks out of car, and now I have an entire apartment of stuff to deal with), I have already taught two pie making classes at the San Francisco Cooking School where I made this galette and have gotten back into the ceramic studio, where I?m busy learning the ins and outs of the t...
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