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One of Lenny’s favorite Portuguese recipes is this one for Portuguese Favish, which is a fava bean stew.  His mother knows to make it every time we are back in Boston.  My recipe is different than her recipe, and I only make it when fava beans are in season.  It is rich in flavor and comes together rather quickly.

When I decide to make Portuguese food Lenny often says that it is interesting to see how the same recipe that is used by his mother comes together differently when I make it.  The same holds true for this recipe.  His mother will use either dry or frozen fava beans.  To be honest, I am not a big fan of either option, as I find the dried fava a tad mealy and the frozen one holds more moisture which I feel dilutes the flavor of the recipe. Being more of a seasonal home chef, I wait until springtime when fava beans are in season.  They require some extra work but in my opinion, ten extra minutes is completely worth it.  After I posted a photo of this recipe last month on Instagram, the fava bean police came after me saying I had completely made the recipe wrong by using fresh fava beans and by not removing the outer skin.  When I make this recipe I remove the beans from the pod and I keep the outer skin on.  When I am making a recipe that is delicate and less hearty, then I blanch the beans and remove the outer skin.  There is no need to do this with this recipe.
The rich flavoring comes from using a spicy Portuguese Chouriço and crushed red pepper.  Portugues...
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