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Potato puff parcels with Cheese and Onion

A simple recipe for cheese and onion puff pastry parcels. Try saying that after a few too many drinks!
I?m feeling a bit podgy as of late, my belly seems to be growing by the day; helped only by my love of nice food. I used to think I was untouchable and that my heroic metabolism would be the last bastion between my mouth and the lard that now, unfortunately, sits around my waist.
I believed I could eat whatever treats that so helplessly wandered in my direction. To me, diabetes was just for people with grey hair and red cheeks and calories were just a myth, ahh what it was to be in my 20?s. Mr metabolism is failing me, however, but the best news, of course, is I couldn?t care less.
Thanks to my splendid another half I spent the last weekend in Melton Mowbray on a tasting tour. It was a gorge fest of good cheeses, pork pies and real ales, god she knows me so well. If you ever find yourself in Melton then please give the ?melton cheeseboard? shop a visit, they really know what they?re talking about and I tasted some of the best Stilton in a long time. Even the better half loved it and she was adamant she hated Stilton before going there. Ask for long Clawson Stilton, I promise you?ll be in for a treat. Having ladened myself with more cheese than a Cheshire cats grin from my weekend, today I found I had quite a bit left that I really needed to make use of and so, I made these cheese and potato puff pastry parcels. Now, of course, you don?t need to travel all the way to Melton...
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