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Roast beef croquettes with horseradish Dip Recipe

I love leftovers, and I get quite excited about the challenge of using them up, there?s something satisfying about using an ingredient that may have ended up as the dog’s dinner or worse, in the bin.
How many times have you groaned at the half-eaten joint of beef sitting in the fridge, knowing it?s destined for sandwiches and thought ?there must be something I can do with this?.
My memories of croquettes are of frozen mash covered in luminous bread crumbs, deep fried until black and served with chips and beans, a far cry from what a croquette should actually be. There are so many versions across the globe, the Spanish have ?croquetas? a tapas style dish filled with ham, the ?krokett? from Hungary that contains nutmeg, even the Korean?s have a version. I created this recipe to help use up those otherwise boring leftovers, turning some of Sundays roast beef into something new and fresh.
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How do you make Roast Beef cCoquettes with horseradish dip

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Serves: 10 Servings

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 5 Minutes

600g of cold leftover mashed potato

200g of l...
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