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Roast leg of lamb with garlic, anchovy and rosemary

The weirdest recipe you will ever encounter – Roast leg of lamb with garlic, anchovy, and rosemary!!
I first came across this recipe a number of years ago, it was a recipe I was both puzzled and intrigued by because I had never heard of such a combination. The cook in me was thinking ?wow I must try this different and interesting way of roasting lamb?, and the less optimistic side of me was thinking ?uggh anchovies and lamb!"? Thankfully I chose to give it a whirl. And so should you.
There was a time when I was a less entrepreneurial cook, I thought the height of sophistication was a tinned chicken in white sauce, and that somehow frying spurious meat derivatives in a pan and serving it with oven chips and overcooked eggs was a qualifying dish for a dinner party. I like to think that nowadays I have a different set of skills, learned from years of mistakes, ups and downs, spillage?s, and burnt fingers, reading, watching and absorbing everything that comes my way. It is known that I have a less than perfect memory but this recipe has stuck with me since I first tasted it.
It?s a punchy recipe, the strong flavors of garlic and rosemary are tempered by a slightly smokey BBQ taste given up by the anchovies. They lose all the fishy flavor and mellow into something different. Don?t ask me how or why, but it just works.
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