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Roast shoulder of lamb with Boulangère potatoes recipe

Just love this recipe – Roast shoulder of lamb with Boulangère potatoes recipe
One of the things I love about food is its ability to change moods, somehow the magic of something tasty and filling can turn even the most stubborn of melancholy induced frowns upside down, which can only be a good thing right" People have sometimes said that I get far too excited about food and I rarely think about anything else, and they?d be right, Food is my mistress. Thankfully my lady is more than accepting of my love affair.
When I was a boy I used to look forward to Sunday dinners, it was the one day in the week that I had some resemblance of normal family life. A hearty Sunday meal followed by boring Sunday television like soldier and heartbeat, ?Sit and watch it?it?s culture? was always uttered in my direction whenever I whined about my mothers choice of TV. I always saw Sunday?s as a sort of ?mini Christmas day?, the relaxing feeling of not doing very much, having a full belly and stretching out on the sofa whilst watching ?cultural? TV, and thinking about the soft moist pull apart lamb that I had just blasted down my neck. For all her faults ? as I have mentioned many times on here ? my mother was a very good cook and she was exceptional at cooking a good Sunday lunch. This recipe makes a change from the traditional Sunday lunch, it’s the sort of dish you can leave alone to get on with itself while you get on with not doing very much. You have the potatoes and meat a...
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