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Sausage with Pea Taglierini

Just an amazing recipe. Easy to make and so tasty –  Sausage with Pea Taglierini.
One of the things I get excited about as a cook is using my noggin and creativity to make something. On Friday I was looking after the 2 boys for the day and I decided we were going to make pizzas from scratch. As we were trotting around the shop picking out the ingredients needed and me trying to control Jonson?s need to lunge across the floor and hang from the trolley like a spider monkey, I spotted some ?00? flour ? something I have been keeping an eye out for ? which I snatched off the shelf like some post-apocalyptic survivor raiding an abandoned supermarket shelf while the boys looked at me puzzled as I shout ?ahh ha!?. It?s the first time I have seen ?00? flour in a supermarket you see, so it was a special moment for me. I decided I was going to make some pasta with it, and with that in mind I started thinking what I wanted with it and thinking that peas are in season and finding some amazing tomatoes at the market I knew exactly what I wanted to make. You don?t have to make your own pasta of course but it is one of the easiest flour-based foods you can make, it?s up there with sourdough and shortcrust pastry, if you can make bread from scratch then pasta is a doddle. Now you could use a pasta machine if you are fortunate to have one, I don?t so you can use a rolling pin instead, or ? if you are me ? you could use the sturdy inner cardboard tube of an emptied kitchen foil roll. Fo...
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