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Soya Pulao/Soyabean Pulao/ Meal maker Pulao

Soya Pulao or Soya bean pulao is a quick rice recipe which you can pack for lunchbox. It is also known as meal maker pulao. If you follow my blog, by now you know how much I admire one pot meals as I always prefer to cook easy tasty and nutritious dish for my family. Soya pulao is a wholesome meal which gives you portion of carb (carbohydrate) as well as protein. I have added carrots and green peas which make it more nutritious. Meal maker pulao is a very good option of one pot meal for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Since my daughter started going to formal school (completed preschool) we had a huge change in our daily routine. And I believe this change was much needed. Normally, I am a night person so getting up early and then preparation of two boxes (read snack box and lunch box) was quite challenging initially. Slowly I have adapted the change but I will tell you one thing still lot more change is required to get used to this routine.
Have you ever faced this kind of challenge where you have to come out from your comfort zone and accommodate things according to the requirement" I would love to listen to your story too. People might thing this is not a challenge or problem, but until you face the situation you cannot judge. We learn from the small changes and it would be really great to listen from the other side and be inspired.

While I was slowly adapting the changes our regular meal menu also had some changes. Instead of typical Bengali platter now w...
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