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Sticky Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

How to make the best Korean fried chicken!
When my best friend of 25 years moved to Spain a number of years ago, we seemed to acquire a ritual whenever he returned to see me. It involved gorging on large amounts of southern fried chicken and chips, all lovingly slaked in chicken gravy; a mountain of filthy unadulterated bliss. It all started because where he lived in Spain, getting fried chicken was practically impossible.
He would have had to travel an hour by car to get anything like that, which let’s be honest; you wouldn?t bother, would you" He turned up at my house one-day unannounced, happy and full of elation, gave me a quick manly hug before blurting out the sentence ?Adam, great to see you, now can we please go and get some KFC!? Of course, I obliged and well, we?ve never looked back since. I do have a problem with some of the cheaper chicken shops, not to be a snob but, cheap doesn?t always mean cheerful. In fact, it invariably means a greasy box of stale chips and soggy insipid rancid chicken.
No thanks, I?d rather go hungry. There is good news though, all thanks to the Koreans! I first discovered this kind of fried chicken from a quirky and immensely watchable food blogger called maangchi.
Amazed at how simple it was to make I set about creating my own recipe. There?s a big difference between the fried chicken we know and how the Koreans do it, mainly in how the chicken is fried. You need to use rice or potato flour ? or in my case a combination of b...
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