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Thirteen dollars and forty-seven cents. I knew that number incredibly well. It was the exact cost for the generic version of the baby formula Jack had to have when he was born. He couldn’t tolerate some of the other stuff, so this specific formula was what he needed to help reduce his reflux. And while the name brand was quite a bit more, I knew I could get it at Target, in their brand, for $13.47. And each week I worried as I scraped and scrounged to get the money we needed for it.  
It was 2008 and Heather and I had been married for just over two years when Jack was born. And money was tight. Actually tight doesn’t even begin to describe it. We were barely making ends meet. And some months we weren’t even doing that.  When we married in 2006, Heather came to the marriage with considerable student loan debt due to putting herself through nursing school. Unexpected job loss for me, combined with other unforeseen events we couldn’t have planned for had us in a bad place. A very bad place. Sometimes bad stuff just happens. 
When Jack was born, I immediately knew that I didn’t want to raise him in a situation like that. So we did the only thing we knew to do. We started praying and making huge changes.
We sold our vehicles for older, less expensive models. We set super strict budgets, cut out the “extras” in life – like eating out, and saved money every way we could. But it wasn’t enough. There was no way out...
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