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Day-After Turkey Bone Gumbo

This is my gluten-free take on my dad?s holiday classic ?Day-After Turkey Bone Gumbo.? I would say most people have a turkey for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Maybe your family has one for both. You haven?t lived a holiday season without some of this gumbo in your life! It?s the perfect comforting dish to have the day after all the holiday madness. My Dad would start making this first thing in the morning after Thanksgiving or Christmas day. We?d always have people coming in and out to visit and enjoy the holiday cheer, so he would always have a big pot of it bubbling on the stove for guests. We like to serve it in little coffee cups for everyone, which seems to be the perfect serving size. It?s a nice taste and leaves you room in the tum for all the other delicious things to come. Of course, you can serve this as a main meal in deep bowls; it?s totally up to you. The beauty of this dish is that it utilizes so much of that leftover turkey meat as well as giving you another use for the leftover carcass. Win-win, I?d say. Typically we keep all the bones and carcass from the turkey to make a stock for the gumbo. It is really simple and great for using things up you?d most likely throw away. Simply put the carcass in a large stock pot with some celery, onion, garlic and carrots, season well with pepper and a bit of salt, cover with water and boil for an hour or two. Drain the liquid, dispose of the rest, and now you?ve got a beautiful, flavor-rich stock. You can also use a ...
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