Gluten-Free Quebec: Adventure, Wellness and Haute Gluten-Free Cuisine - Recipes

Gluten-Free Quebec: Adventure, Wellness and Haute Gluten-Free Cuisine

On a snowy winter morning, I arrived at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal ready to explore Quebec province, namely the city of Laval and the Eastern Townships. At first, I felt hesitant, because when I thought of French cuisine, I imagined sauce-heavy dishes that were often filled with flour and gluten. Additionally, on recent trips to the city of Montreal, I struggled to find appropriate things to eat and found myself opting for cheese on top of more cheese, just to be safe.
I vowed not to have that experience this time around?I was on the hunt for gluten-free and health-conscious food that would nourish my body and fuel my soul.
Within just 24 hours of exploring the region, I was pleasantly surprised by how progressive the area had become, catering wholeheartedly to the gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan communities while promoting organic and local cuisine simultaneously.  

Laval Has It All
Laval, which arguably is the ?New Jersey? of Quebec (with neighboring Montreal just across city limits) is coming up in the world, with impressive culinary options and tourist attractions. We decide to stay for a few nights in the city center at the Hilton Montreal/Laval that catered to those with gluten-free dietary requirements for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel is centrally located next to the great shopping destination known as CF Carrefour Laval as well as a host of established up-and-coming restaurants.
Our very first stop to eat after arriving from the air...
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