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People With Gluten Sensitivity More Skeptical

A survey of people who follow a gluten-free diet found those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) are more skeptical about medicine and food safety than those with celiac. A notable 41.3 percent of people with NCGS doubt vaccines are safe for people with celiac, compared to 26.4 percent of celiac patients. Significantly more people with NCGS had refused a flu shot when offered one.
The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University emailed the questionnaire to adults on a voluntary email list and received a 27 percent response. The study included 1,291 people with biopsy-proven celiac and 217 classified as having NCGS, either self-reported or unsure of their diagnosis.
By the numbers
A majority of those with NCGS reported adverse symptoms after trying gluten-free Cheerios: 53 percent compared to 37 percent of celiac patients. They were significantly more likely to avoid genetically modified foods (47 percent), eat only organic products (29 percent), believe a gluten-free diet improves energy and concentration (40 percent), and believe gluten is unhealthy for everyone (31 percent). This study of patients at a major referral center may not reflect the general U.S. population. Respondents with NCGS had a significantly higher level of education, 93 percent having completed a college degree compared to 82 percent of celiac patients. However, the authors believe these findings show a meaningful difference in attitudes among people who avoid eating gluten. A lack of clear infor...
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