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Trump Voters More Likely to Eat Gluten Free: Study

Does someone?s diet predict their political leanings" Hard to say for sure, but at least one study took asked that question and found that Donald Trump supporters are more likely to ?identify as avoiding gluten, relative to non-supporters.?
Published this June in the academic journal Agricultural and Human Values, the study notes that while collecting data on political affiliation and gluten avoidance is simple, identifying a correlation, if any, is a difficult task. Mainly because of the seemingly endless variables between the two subject areas. However, the study claims to have found ?a complex relationship between the social construction of gluten avoidance and the potential role of political views.? 
Want the latest gluten-free news, recipes, tips and more" Subscribe to the weekly Gluten-Free Living newsletter here. The authors describe four scenarios that could cause a person?s eating habits to become linked to politics in the study?s appendix. In one example, the authors say, health problems could hypothetically lead someone to ?both conclude that gluten is harming one?s health and that government should provide universal health care.?
If that sounds like a liberal stance, you?re correct, and the authors note that: ?These specific examples are contrived to show how someone could become more liberal and begin avoiding gluten. Of course, the opposite examples might show how someone could become more conservative and begin consuming gluten.?
The study...
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