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Whole 30 Pesto Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes

I’m backkkkk! One semester of medical school down. 3 1/2 to go. Today I’m bringing you a Whole 30 Pesto Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes.

My most loyal readers have asked me to share a little bit about medical school in my blog, so I promise that and I promise an explanation to this awesome recipe. First off, I love medical school. Every day, I know I chose the right path by going into medicine. But narrowing it down from there is where it gets harder. Yes I love nutrition, wellness, and cooking, but I’m very hesitant to make a whole career based on this. Sometimes that leads to burn out, and too much pressure. I am leaning more and more towards Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. After a 4 day preceptorship at Bopp Dermatology in New Orleans, I felt like I could really see myself in this field. The doctors are incredibly happy, spiritual, loving people, and their patients showed that they had immense trust in them. Their office is like a family, and their culture was inspiring. Each patient received the kindest care, and it really showed.
So back to the recipe. I finally had time to cook something delicious. And I refuse to give up my cooking this semester. I want to cook something for the blog once a month. I know I can sacrifice that from my studying! I will also be releasing a meal plan very soon, for those who need a schedule for cooking. It’s going to be a 6 day plan with less than 2 hours of cooking. This includes 3 meals a day. It has so...
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