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10 Cookware & Tableware You Should Get from Japan

Not sure what cookware and tableware you should check out while visiting Japan"  Here are 10 things that are worth bringing back in your suitcase from Japan.

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from JOC readers is what cookware and tableware they should buy when they visit Japan. With limited suitcase space, I understand I can’t suggest everything.  Living in the U.S., I have trouble finding certain Japanese cookware and tableware from local stores or online stores, so I made a recommended list here for you.
My suggestions are really for someone who enjoys cooking Japanese food frequently and appreciates Japanese household items (if that’s not you, these also make great gift ideas for that person in your life who loves Japanese culture and cuisine!).  If you’re lucky, you may be able to purchase these items easily where you are, but generally, these items are pretty difficult to find and can be very expensive compared to the price you pay while you’re in Japan. Thank goodness my kids’ clothes are not giant yet, so I could lease some of their suitcase space for these items (and let them carry it for me)!  I hope you find the list helpful and insightful. 

1. Adjustable Stainless Steel Otoshibuta (Drop Lid) ????

Otoshibuta or drop lid is an essential Japanese cooking gadget for all kinds of simmered foods. It’s a kitchen tool that is not so common outside of Japanese cooking, hence it’s hard to find it in kitch...
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