Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Singapore – Popular Cheese Cookie Shop Opens At Raffles City, Also With Cheese Sundae - Recipes

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Singapore – Popular Cheese Cookie Shop Opens At Raffles City, Also With Cheese Sundae

In time for Christmas" Another Japanese + Cheese store has hit the shores of Singapore.
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory which specialises in cookies made of rich Hokkaido Jersey milk, French Guérande Salt and Camembert Cheese, has opened at the basement of Raffles City.
It should draw quite a queue, at least during the initial days. Since 2011, the brand has sold some 58 million cookies in the world.

I am a mini-fan of their cheese cookies, and would have bought a box or two as gifts in Hong Kong and Seoul previously. With that said, I did purchase similar boxes from LeTao and Pablo Cheese Tart and found the quality quite comparable.

The signature Tokyo Milk Cheese item is the Salt & Camembert Cookies ($12.80 for box of 10 pieces, $24 for 20). To me, the main draw is the Camembert cheese white chocolate filling which provides this savoury-sweet pairing that intertwines quite exquisitely.
It can come across as a cross between an elegant cheese treat and a delightful snack.
While the cookies can be considered relatively light, having two at a go is usually good enough for me. Better to share the calories.

The other two varieties are the Honey & Gorgonzola, and Porcini & Gouda Cookies.
Ingredients are sources from different parts of the world – Honey is Rosemary Honey from Spain, Gorgonzola from Italian Blue Cheese, and Porcini Mushroom from Italy.

I think that the item that would be popular among Singaporeans would be the Cow Cow Sundae ($8.50)....
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