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Nutella Cheesecake Bars | The Scran Line

This fluffy and sweet Nutella Cheesecake bar makes the perfect dessert. Subscribe to The Scran Line: INGREDIENTS 250g graham crackers 110g unsalted butter (melted) 400g jar Nutella (at room temperature) ¾ cup chopped toasted hazelnuts 500g cream cheese (at room temperature) ½ cup powdered sugar (sifted) 100ml thickened/whipping cream Decorations 4 Ferrero Rocher candy chocolate balls (optional) 12 toasted hazelnuts + crushed hazelnuts Extra Nutella to decorate RECIPE Add thickened cream to a large metal or glass mixing bowl. Whip on high using a hand mixer until cream thickens to stiff peaks that can hold their shape. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside in the fridge. Break the graham cracker into the bowl of a processor, add the butter and a tablespoon of Nutella, and blitz until it starts to clump. Add 25g/3 tablespoons of the hazelnuts and continue to pulse until you have a damp, sandy mixture. Lightly grease a 20cmx20cm square baking tin or a round 20cm cheesecake pan. Line it with baking paper as neatly as you can. Add the biscuit crumb mixture to the baking pan and press into the base either using your hands or the back of a spoon making sure there?s an even amount of mixture on the bottom and sides. Place in the fridge to chill for 1 hour. Beat the cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth and then add the remaining Nutella to the cream cheese mixture, and continue beating until combined. Take the cheesecake pan out of the fridge and carefully smooth the Nutella cheesecake over the base. Place the pan in the fridge for at least four hours or overnight. Carefully slice them up into bars. The best way to do this is with a large kitchen knife. Start by slicing it into two halves and then slice those into bars. Now the fun part: Decorating: You can be as creative as you like. To decorate pipe some neat blobs of Nutella on top and sprinkle some crushed hazelnuts over the top, adding one whole toasted hazelnut on each bar. I used a wilton #32 star tip to pipe some little blobs of whipped cream on top. Serve straight from the fridge. These babies will melt if it?s a warm day so work quickly when you decorate them. ___ Follow us! We don't bite...unless you're made of food ;) Subscribe to Tastemade | Snapchat Discover | Facebook | Instagram | More daily programming | Watch us behind the scenes at Snapchat | @tastemade

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