Tornado Hot Dogs - Recipes

Tornado Hot Dogs

Ingredients: 4 hot dogs 100 g pancake mix 2 tbsp water vegetable oil Method: - Poke a stick through half a hot dog. Spiral cut by diagonally placing your knife against the hot dog while rotating. - Spread open to create space between the slits. - Combine pancake mix with water. - Divide into 8 portions. Roll the dough out into a 10cm strip. - Roll the dough around the hot dog. - Deep fry for 2-3 minutes at 160 degrees C. Serve with ketchup and mustard. HOW TO MAKE CORN DOGS - VIDEO RECIPE,Tornado Potato & Twister Dog,Mars Masarap: Tornado Dog by Teri Malvar,Top 4 Tasty Recipes Video,Top 5 Tasty Recipes Video | Best Foods And Cakes ,How to Make Spiral Hot Dogs,Tornado Dogs - Recipe & Instructions - VIDEO,Potato Volcanoes, Fried Shrimp Avocado Rolls, Chinese 5-Spice Orange Chicken, Tiny Macarons, Cooking, Youtube, Food, Top, simple, delicious, tasty food tastemade facebook page videos, Best simple recipe, food, to cook, Meat (Food), Egg (Food), Cake, Oil (Food), Cook (Profession), tasty #1, tasty food #1, 1993#, Top 4 Tasty Recipes Video, tastemade videos #186, breakfast, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades, hot dogs and handgrenades, hot dogs how it's made, hot dogs or legs, hot dogs recipe, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades all guns, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades funny, hot dogs tacos tostadas, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades meat grinder, hot dogs snoop dogg, hot dogs, hot dogs and horseshoes, hot dogs and bologna song, hot dogs are made reaction, hot dogs armour hot dogs, hotdogs and handrails 2016, hot dogs around the world, hotdogs and buns, hot dogs and donuts, hot dogs and horseshoes and hand grenades, hot dogs buzzfeed, hot dogs bbq, hot dogs best, hot dogs bad, hot dogs burger king, hot dogs buzzfeed worth it, hot dogs bun, hot dogs baseball, hot dogs blind lemon jefferson, hotdogs big brother, hot dogs challenge, hot dogs cooking, hot dogs con tocino, hot dogs chicago, hot dogs commercial, hot dogs cooking on the grill yeah, hot dogs callejeros, hot dogs competition, hot dogs catfish, hot dogs cart, hot dogs dance, hot dogs duh, hot dogs dogs, hot dogs documentary,hot dogs diners drive ins and dives, hot dogs de sonora, dogs die in hot cars, dude wheresmychallenge hot dogs, dog sells hot dogs, deep fried hot dogs, hot dogs estilo sonora, hot dogs eating, hot dogs estilo sinaloa, hot dogs en mexico, hot dogs expensive, hot dogs eating challenge, hot dogs el mayor, hot dogs estilo mexico, galactic hot dogs episode 1, most hotdogs eaten, hot dogs french fries come on baby tell me your lies, hot dogs for catfish bait, hot dogs for, hot dogs for gauguin, hot dogs from around the world, hot dogs french fries come on baby tell me your lies skeletons, hot dogs funny, hot dogs french fries, hot dogs for halloween, hot dogs for catfish, hot dogs grenades and horseshoes, hot dogs go on, hot dogs gadgets, hot dogs get your hot dogs, hot dogs grill, hot dogs gigantes, hot dogs game, hot dogs greatest hits, hot dogs gourmet, the hot dogs anjasmara, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades fail, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades tricks, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades trick shots, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades update, hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades jacksepticeye, hot dogs in the oven, hot dogs in a blanket, hot dogs in the face, hot dogs in microwave, hot dogs in a pan, hot dogs in new york, hot dogs in mouth, hot dogs in horseshoes, hot dogs in unusual places, hot dogs ideas, i like hot dogs, i love hot dogs, hot dogs jpg, hot dogs jumping frogs, armour hot dogs jingle, jackie martling hot dogs and donuts, john cougar hot dogs and hamburgers, japanese hot dogs, new jersey hot dogs, jim gaffigan hot dogs, impractical jokers hot dogs, jamie oliver hot dogs, hot dogs kidbehindacamera, hot dogs ketchup, hot dogs karaoke, kobayashi eating hot dogs, kobayashi hot dogs, kosher hot dogs, how kosher hot dogs are made, hot cars kill dogs, whitest kids hot dogs, kid history hot dogs, hot dogs limp bizkit, hot dogs los angeles, hot dogs lesnik, hot dogs la beast, hot dogs los mochis, hot dogs live, hot dogs la boheme, pink's hot dogs los angeles, hunter likes hot dogs, alice loves hot dogs, l.a. beast hot dogs, hot dogs magic hugs, hot dogs mexicanos, hot dogs mickey mouse, hot dogs made reaction, hot dogs mukbang, hot dogs manila,

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